One woman will drag herself out of depths of depression to battle an ancient evil for her beloved home.

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In that moment, Emily felt good. Alive. Grateful, she was on the creek bank in the sun with Wolfy. Her sadness lifted away as she watched the wolf splash around in the water.

     It reminded her of the first time they had taken her son to the beach. He’d lost his little sun hat in the waves and cried furiously for it. She turned cold and shut the memory out as soon as it came. Not here. Not now.

     Emily jumped as Wolfy bolted out of the water and ran towards her side. His attention was trained on the tree line across the creek. He began to ferociously bark and snarl in that direction.

    “Whoa, Wolfy! What’s wrong, guy?” Emily asked, her voice small as she scanned the tree line with her eyes. Then she saw it.

    It moved wrong.

    That was her first observance as she stared at the dark figure in utter terror. Her hands began to shake as the ground tilted. For a moment, she thought she was going to faint.

      It moved in jerking motions as if its limbs were not quite cooperating. It was tall, taller than a man, and too thin to be one.

     Although human in structure, its arms didn’t exactly line up with its shoulders, and its head loped to the one side. It jerked, moving from tree to tree before turning, faceless, towards Wolfy.        

     Emily, too afraid to scream, latched the leash to Wolfy’s collar and took off running towards the house.


Emily’s story continues with Passage of Flesh

How far would you go to save the one that you love?