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In the shadows of our lives, hidden in the dark, are the answers to the paranormal happenings that we cannot explain-R.A. Nunez

Welcome to my Strange Texas paranormal blog and author home.

Nature is a haunted house–but art–is a house that tries to be haunted.

–Emily Dickinson

*Eerie photo of Fort Worth, Texas taken by Everett Szurek

What happened to me....

Shadow person-Texas

My first acquaintance with a strange happening in Texas occurred roughly one year after first moving to the state. My mother and I were driving home to Gladewater from Longview, it was late and storming. If you live in Texas you know how temperamental the weather can be. Storms blow up and can be nothing but a thunder shower or turn severe on a dime. It was one of those nights where the roads were slick and dangerous after a day of heavy rains so my mother, who was driving, pushed on well under the speed limit while keeping her eyes on the road. I happened to look up in time, while entering Gladewater city limits via HWY 80, and saw a dark shadow shaped like a man standing in the rain under a lone street light. At the same time my mother swerved and the car slipped on the wet road. She, thankfully, assumed control over the car while screaming, “did you see that?! That man was about to walk into the road!” She’d seen the shadow as well but not in detail like I had. And when I told her what I’d saw she nodded and agreed. It was no man, only the shadow of one. This scared us pretty bad. What did we see exactly? We rationed that maybe the street lamp was casting a shadow, but against what exactly to make a perfect shape of a man? Then, we started the paranormal debate. My mother theorized that it was a demon trying to make us have an accident which almost did happen. Well, I wanted to know why, if that was the case and thus started my research into shadow men which led me to several stories of others seeing ghosts and describing them as shadows. Shadow People. Nine years later I’m still searching for answers and while searching for my own answers I’ve discovered vast information on strange happenings in Texas which I plan on sharing with my readers. After all, Texas is a strange place.

A gorgeous field of Bluebonnets, the state flower of Texas, surrounding an abandoned, sinister barn.
The Lone Star State! Beautiful, proud and 268, 820 square miles of strange!

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